PD57xx & PD58xx Play Detectors For Heavy Goods Vehicles

The ESCON Play Detectors are designed to check quickly and efficiently most steering and suspension components.

It enables a technician quickly to detect play and wear in the wheel guiding and steering parts of heavy goods vehicles and public service vehicles. A vehicle often shows wear and tear in ball joints, bushings, fixations, pivot points, link bolts and shock absorber mountings. Most worn or damaged components can be identified before they pose problems.

The PD consists of control unit with hydraulic power unit, a control lamp and two moving platforms, each with a hot dip zinc chequered plate. Each platform is actuated by two hydraulic cylinders. The control lamp contains four (PD5710 & PD5810) or eight  (PD5720 & PD5820) buttons.

Functional description PD5710 & PD5810:

  • Button 1: Move the left platform to the front and to right platform to the rear.
  • Button 2: Move the left platform to the rear and to the right platform to the front.
  • Button 3: Move the left platform to the left and the right platform to the right.
  • Button 4: Move the left platform to the right and the right platform to the left.
  • To move the platforms diagonally, press two buttons at the same time.
  • The platforms move in opposite directions. When one platform moves to the front, the other platform moves to the rear.
  • The platforms keep moving as long as the button is pressed, or until they reach the end of their stroke.
  • If the button is released the platforms stop.

Functional description PD5720 & PD5820:

  • All movements PD5710 & PD5810 +
  • Anti-fase movements.
  • Automatic mode.
  • Independent movement left/right platform.

The PD can be installed on either side of an inspection pit.

Floor frame for flush fit installation.
Hose set for PD57xx series (4x4m + 4x6m).
Wireless (RF) control lamp:
-model PD5710 becomes PD5715.
-model PD5720 becomes PD5730.
-model PD5810 becomes PD5815.
-model PD5820 becomes PD5830.

Maximum axle load: 20 ton (drive over)
Maximum wheel load: 10 ton (drive over)
Maximum horizontal force: 30 kN per plate
Longitudinal/transversal movement: 100 mm
Movement speed: 40 mm/s (PD57xx), 70 mm/s (PD58xx)
Working pressure: 150 bar (PD57xx), 180 bar (PD58xx)
Motor: 3 kW (PD57xx), 4 kW (PD58xx), 3 phase 400 V / 50 Hz
Cable length: 6,5 m
Operation: Electro-hydraulic
Movements: Front, Rear, Left, Right

Platform dimensions: 950 x 800 x 217 mm (L x W x H)
Weight platform: 300 kg each

Dimensions control unit: 360 x 300 x 875 mm (D x W x H)
Weight control unit: 36 kg



Hydraulic unit

PD5710/PD5810 cable torch

PD5730/PD5830 wireless RF torch

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